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Sr. Hardware Engineer (Autonomous Driving)

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Farmington, MI
$90,000 - $110,000
Job Type
Direct Hire
Jul 04, 2017
Job ID
Sr. Hardware Engineer (Autonomous Driving)
Southeast MI

We are looking for a Senior Hardware Engineer for one of our clients in Michigan. This is a stable, growing company that is offering significant future opportunities to break into new vehicle safety technologies. In this position you will be responsible for developing advanced active safety microelectronic hardware designs for automotive applications. If you have hands on experience with Multi-processor ECU design and communication interfaces, then this opportunity is well suited to you.

Responsibilities of the Sr. Hardware Engineer (Autonomous Driving):
  • Schematic capture and Circuit analysis including worst case, monte-carlo, etc.
  • Development of advanced active safety microelectronic hardware designs for automotive applications.
  • Interface with ECAD for circuit board layout following Manufacturing Design Rules
  • Control and releasing of Electronic Bill of Material.
  • Collaborate with Product Assurance team for the development of test specifications and equipment.
  • Perform EMC activities for compliance and final final approvals from customer.
  • Execute on subsystem level testing for “proof of concept” of new design strategies.
  • Collaborate with vendors for component specifications development, resolving issues and ensuring the proper inventory.
  • Identify and implement necessary design changes.
  • Attend design reviews with peers and technical specialists.
  • Electrical development and bench testing.
  • Document all the aspects of the product development process.
  • Hardware and software interface specifications development 
  • Work with Manufacturing team for new product from prototype through production.
Qualifications for the Sr. Hardware Engineer (Autonomous Driving):
  • BSEE along with atleast 4 years of experience Automotive Electronics.
  • Experience with Multi-processor ECU design which includes ARM processors, DSP and SOC/FPGA.
  • Experience with Schmeatic Capture and Circuit Design.
  • Knowledge of Worst Case Analysis and Analytical Testing
  • Knowledge of EMC and Vehicle Communication
  • Experience in Automotive EMC and Signal integrity design.
  • Experience with high reliability electronics design along with fail safe power supply architecture designs.
  • Thermal considerations in component selection and layout.
  • Experience with PCB construction and stackup, including Type 1/ Type 2 HDI, BGA fanout, etc.
  • Experience with Failure analysis/ root cause investigation
  • Knowledge of Functional Safety/ ISO-26262 considerations in HW design
  • Experience working with following interfaces - 
    • Digital communication interfaces such I2C, SPI, UART, RS-232/485, MIPI, etc.
    • High-speed memory interface design such as DDRx
    • Vehicle communication interfaces such as Flexray, CAN/ CAN FD, GM-LAN, LIN, MOST, etc.
    • High speed serial and Video interfaces such as SERDES, GMSL, FPD-Link, LVDS, etc.
Compensation of the Sr. Hardware Engineer (Autonomous Driving):
Salary Range:  $90000- $110000 (Aligned with knowledge and experience)

Location: Southeast MI
Type:  Direct
Travel:  Up to 10%
Relocation Assistance:  Available
Visa Sponsorship:  H1B transfers only. NO OPT will be considered

Knowledge of the following areas will be helpful - ECU, "Engine Control Unit", ARM, DSP, SOC, FPGA, "Digital communication interfaces", I2C, SPI, UART,  RS-232,  RS-485, MIPI, "High-speed memory interface", DDRx, "Vehicle communication interfaces", Flexray, CAN, CAN FD, GM-LAN, "GM LAN", LIN, MOST, "High speed serial and Video interfaces", SERDES, GMSL,  FPD-Link, LVDS, "electronics design", "Thermal considerations", "Signal integrity", "Functional Safety", 26262, "PCB construction", HDI, BGA, fanout, "Failure analysis", "root cause investigation", microelectronic, Schematic, "Circuit analysis", "worst case", monte-carlo, ECAD, "circuit board layout", BOM, "Bill of Material", "test specifications", subsystem, "proof of concept", "component specifications", "electrical development", "bench testing", "product development".